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Default Chat Issue Once Again

Apparently chat has been down for most of the day, since early morning Pacific time and as of this posting it is still not working. I just want to let the moderators know. I will also be making a bug report as well
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Greetings Smithy,

Yes - chat was down and yes - the game dev was contacted. As soon as he was able to do so he brought chat back up. Sorry for the downtime!

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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Default Question

Is it really to much to ask to have a working chat? It's not rocket science and I assume it's flash based. I would like to tell my alliance members when I see some sweet corn growing.

On a serious note. This is a war game for some and G.I Joe taught me at an early age

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Hello not only is chat down but the game is super slow -- I have had this issue here for past 2 days. Are they really working in this ?
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